Roi Knowledge Base

Roi Knowledge Base

Roi is 🏠 for the modern portfolio. We’re the easiest way to manage, trade, & discover tokens, NFTs, DeFi, stocks, and more all in one beautiful app.

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The basics

What is investing, stocks, and trading?
ETFs or stocks? What’s the difference?

Release Notes

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Why should I use Roi?

We want Roi to be the one place any investor can go to manage their portfolio with ease. We started off with tracking because it’s fundamentally broken today. Services like Mint offer tracking for traditional assets and miss out on crypto while other apps like Zapper miss out on stocks. We wanted to build a solution for the modern portfolio.

Is connecting my accounts safe?

All your accounts are connected securely and we do not store any usernames, passwords, or authentication content of any kind on the platform. We are also non-custodial so we never have access to any of your funds (even your crypto wallets).

We partnered with platforms like Plaid to connect to your brokerage securely. Plaid is what's also used by Venmo, Chime, and many more financial apps as well. Read more here.

What accounts can I connect to Roi?

As of today we support over a 1000+ brokerages, exchanges like Coinbase, FTX, etc. and crypto wallets on Ethereum, Solana, & Bitcoin. We support tracking all your traditional assets like stocks, ETFs, options and more along with your tokens, NFTs, DeFi protocols across 15+ chains.

Is my data anonymous?

All your data is 100% anonymous and never shared with anyone. The only reason we require account creation is to help resolve user bugs and provide secure storage.

This sounds too good to be true? How much does Roi cost to use?

Roi is entirely free to use. Our mission is to build products that elicit this reaction.

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